🎵 The Vast Error player

Jan 01, 2022

A bunch of people have been asking me questions as to the how and why of the player and I decided it would be easier to answer them using this blog than answer everyone who asks. If you have further questions, feel free to ask me on Discord (Cerulean#7014)!

What is the Vast Error player?

The concept for this platform was to create a way to easily view all of our music without having to directly use Bandcamp. We use Bandcamp as a way to distribute music but it does have limitations, for example, you cant listen to music while browsing, credits are not consistant and some are out of date, and it is not a very user friendly experience. These issues combined with the want of making my own platform created this player.

Credits pop-up for CHH, our holiday album for 2020

I've encorporated a lot of the greviences I had with Bandcamp into a new music platform that will make it easier for contributors to share their music and be credited for what they've done. Along side this, theres huge improvements to functionality such as lyrics that are synced with the music, auto-play, playlists, and more.


Powered by Python, MongoDB, PostgresQL, and VueJS, the player has gone from being a small web toy into a full platform with the ability to view analytics, customisable profiles, non-offical release


CEO & Full-stack engineer @ Sponsus. 4 years industry experience with a speciality in realtime and data analytics.